It truly amazes me how many “Christians” are uncomfortable with objectively studying the Bible. The reality is that most “Christians” use the Bible to promote their worldview instead of what it is actually intending to teach. They essentially create their own religion. This entry is brought forth from the just released movie of NOAH. Of course, I cannot comment specifically on the movie because I haven’t seen it yet, but I will comment on other people’s comments. I have seen some say they hate it because it isn’t true to the traditional biblical story or the characters, while others love it because of it artistry and powerful re-telling of such a famous story. The truth is that many cultures have a version of this story going back hundreds of years, which honestly only furthers the certainty that it is a legitimate event in human history.

From my experience many people who hold to the traditional telling of Biblical stories are now demeaned  and face severe forms of condescension from the opposing, more progressive, interpreters – many being “Christians” themselves. The unbelievable expansion of this millennial Christianity, which is filled with Churches that refuse to teach solid, foundational doctrine, is truly stunning. The more you go into church nowadays, the more you see the corrosion of Christianity’s foundational tenants. There is no need to teach doctrine, because “God is love” and that’s all that matters.

Whenever I see someone post about God being this loving, amazing, cuddly father I get very frustrated. It’s not because it isn’t necessarily the truth, I mean God is love, but rather because their interpretation of his love is so perverse. God’s love has become justification for sinfulness. I mean, imagine that. How does that work? Isn’t God in the business of destroying sin? Didn’t Jesus come to destroy the works of the devil – a.k.a. lawlessness? Doesn’t Jesus himself require righteousness and condemn sinfulness?  So the God, who through the Scriptures punished sin and despised it, now is so in love with humanity so much that people can use his love to do what they want? Common people, be objective. I know that to think God punishes sin is so off course from the tidal wave of hipster Jesus that you might have a brain aneurism just thinking about it, but please try.

I am all-together against subjective babble, and on both sides. You have the people who annihilate people with their 40 pound Bibles telling them they’re going to hell because of XYZ, and then you have the others saying everything’s okay (you don’t have to be obedient to Biblical law) because Jesus loves you. The former are usually self-righteous closet sinners, while the latter are the type that have no real respect for the importance of protecting solid Biblical teaching. They allow anyone and everyone to pick off small truth’s in order to get their artistic brain lobes throbbing. Don’t you realize people that this is the way the truth is eventually diminished? It starts with the small stuff, and eventually the small stuff becomes so foggy that the real weight of the truth cannot be recognized. But you know what? We’re already at that point. Biblical doctrine has been so destroyed over the past handful of decades that people don’t even know what the real truth is anymore – so they make their own.

The church (or those who call themselves the “church”) is like the Israelites in the Book of Judges – everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. There’s no real continuity in what is true and false or right and wrong – we all just do what we think, or what we translate, to be right. This is my problem with Church. Church isn’t what it’s supposed to be, and no one knows what it should be. We are all lost in the fog that our parents (and their parents) allowed to fall upon the hearts of men. The definition of “Love” today is just an example, and it is so corrupted that its expression is a curse that falls from the mouth of its speakers to the ears of its hearers. They curse the souls of men through the deceitfulness of their own hearts. They are the blind leading the blind.

The reality is that God punishes sin (according to the Bible) and will punish sin in the end. The reality is that the “love” many churches are describing from their iPads and iPhones is not the Biblical definition of love at all. READ AND STUDY YOUR OWN HOLY BOOK PEOPLE! For crying out loud, if you haven’t legitimately studied the Bible stop calling yourself a Christian and do Jesus a favor. True, Apostolic, Christianity has been almost obliterated from the earth because people refuse to study and waste their time watching TBN, God TV, and every other Christian channel whose purpose is to make money, not disciples. But God has spared himself 7000, right (if you don’t know what this references – you prove my point)?

There’s a reason people, especially “Christians,” get angry when the real Biblical Christians start talking about maintaining the integrity of the text. It destroys their capability to do whatever they think is right. It exposes their nonsense, their evil and they hate that. “All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed (John 3:20 NLT).”

Shouldn’t the integrity of the text always be defended? Isn’t it more important to get the right story out there to a few than populating the wrong story to the majority? The Word of God is the most important thing in Christianity; essentially, nothing else matters. If you mess up the Bible, you mess up EVERYTHING. Your whole life, worldview, anything and everything will be skewed if you get the Bible wrong – if you get Jesus wrong (he is the WORD made flesh, right?). So making sure people get the right story the right way is actually very important.

Again, I haven’t seen this movie and this entry isn’t so much about the movie as it actually is about the “Christians” out there who feel awkward with the truth. Their unwillingness to promote the God of the Bible, as opposed to their fashionable God, is telling of who they really are. This is something not really new. They used to do the same thing in Alexandria, Egypt in the ancient days. Did you know that the Jews in Alexandria (after the expansion Hellenism) had become so influenced by Greek philosophy that they began to remove the stories from the Old Testament that told of God’s judgment (on Gentile nations and the Jews alike) because the Greek Philosophers taught (Plato, Aristotle, etc.) that if there is one God, he is an all-benevolent (all-loving) God? DOESN’T THIS SOUND FAMILIAR (LOL – WAKE UP!)? I find it extremely ironic that in our culture (a very GREEK based culture) that the same thing is happening in Church. It is actually truly amazing. So wake up kids and read your own holy book. Maybe, just maybe the God you think your serve isn’t the real G-O-D at all.

“…‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’  But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws (Matthew 7:22-23 NLT).’”

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