“The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.”

 Yet again we’re faced with another mass shooting, and this one was the big one. After 59 dead and over 500 injured, the Nevada shooting is the deadliest in American history, up to this point. While others were shocked and horrified at the actions of a deranged man, others couldn’t wait to use the event for political ammunition to progress the idea of further gun control throughout the United States. Gun control advocates scream and yell for the federal government to place heavier gun restrictions on the American populous, and others have even suggested eliminating the 2nd amendment all together. Logically, this is asinine.

Laws are put in place and are only kept by law-abiding citizens. Criminals, like Stephen Paddock, by definition break laws. Therefore, creating more laws will not ensure more safety. What more laws do ensure is less freedom. The belief that further gun restriction will provide more protection to society is, as plainly as I can say it, stupid. This blog entry, however, will not focus on gun legislation, the 2nd amendment, politics, or the fallacy of further gun restrictions. What I will speak about is the real issue behind these ever increasing atrocities: moral depravity.

I will not seek to be cute or clever in the usage of my arguments regarding American culture’s continued debasement. As clearly as I can say this, America wants non-God and, now, America is getting non-God. We, as a society, have sought to remove God form every aspect of public and private life. We have ignored the basic principles of morality, ethics, and values that founded this nation, and as we have sought to free ourselves from as many restrictions as possible we have only enslaved ourselves to our indulgences and the corruption that can only result from the rejection of our Creator and His life-giving Word.

Blaming the 2nd amendment or gun rights advocates for the murder of 59 people is irresponsible and, honestly, a delusion. It is appropriate to ask ourselves what would cause a man to engage in any activity that would cause the senseless deaths and injuries of hundreds of innocent people, and it is possibly even appropriate to assign blame. However, the question we ask, and what we blame, must go far deeper than possible external contributors.

I am certain people will blame his upbringing, his mental condition, his personal circumstances, and whatever else they can possibly dig up in order to explain away what no one wants to admit: that humanity without God is utterly and despicably wicked, and incapable of doing any good. Our arrogance is our undoing.

Romans teaches us that what can be known about God is plain (1:19) because everything we see around us declares that God exists (natural revelation). Despite the obviousness of God’s existence, humanity did not, and does not, honor God or respond to Him in gratefulness as our Maker but, rather, rejected Him and blinded themselves to the truth, making themselves fools  (1:21-22). Therefore, God gave them up to what they wanted and to the results of their foolish desires, and nothing but absolute degeneracy was the result (1:24-31). Man who desires non-God will get non-God. Those who are eventually sent to hell are getting what they have always asked for (and what they deserve): absolute non-God.

The United States is not suffering the result of outdated laws. No, not even close. The United States is suffering the result of its rejection of God and its acceptance of everything associated with that: moral depravity and false prophets with false gospels. America is facing the judgment of God; we are receiving the due penalty of our collective sin.

That is the bad news. Yes, it is very bad news. But, there is good news and it is in times like these where the Good News (the Gospel) can shine forth into the darkness even more than before. The Light is infinitely brighter when it is darkest, and we are in dark days.

In these times, then, of tumult, hatred, scorn, and crimes that are soaking the earth with blood we have a message that breaks the darkness and brings life to that which is dead. We have hope for the hopeless; a Father for the fatherless; healing for the broken; comfort for the bereft; restitution for the victim; reconciliation for the guilty; and freedom for the captive: We have the Gospel. So let us set our minds to preach this Gospel and provide the antidote for this cursed world. Let us preach, with our mouths and our lives, Christ crucified.

“For I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

~Romans 1:16~






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